© Garth Swift - Giant Among Giants-Elephant and giant baobab tree - Pencil

Garth Swift’s art has sold around the globe.  Swift is also a regular participant of some of the world’s most prestigious animal artist’s Juried shows.   His art has also been sold by Christies in London, and his painting "Midday Heat" was selected for the “Wild Cat Art” Exhibition which toured the USA in 2001.

© Garth Swift Midday Heat-Lions Watercolour.

© Garth Swift - J-Ranger-Yacht - Acrylic.

"When someone looks at my paintings, I want them to sense the heat, feel the dryness, taste the dust-they must feel as if they are there -a part of it- even if it is something they've never seen".

© Garth Swift Startled-Zebras - Watercolour
Garth Swift's work can usually be recognised by its incredible realism, wide vistas and sweeping panoramas of the African bushveld, and although there has been a noticeable change over the years, his work still remains unique in the world of wildlife art.  Schooled at Plumtree in Zimbabwe, art was a passion from an early age and he continued studying Fine Art at the Natal Technikon in Durban, South Africa in the early 80's, where he learnt the art of using inks, pencil and watercolour and what could be achieved by mixing pigment with water on paper, as well as a myriad of other art techniques.

© Garth Swift Afternoon Walk-Elephant herd - Watercolour.
After a number of years in retail printing, Swift left South Africa to explore the world.  He finally returned home in the mid-90’s, and since then Swift is totally devoted to his craft, feverishly capturing Africa’s wildlife on canvas, preferring watercolour and pencil.

© Garth Swift Heat and Dust-Elephant - Acrlic.
© Garth Swift Missed Opportunity-Lion and zebras - Acrylic.
© Garth Swift Zebras and Oxpeckers - Watercolour
© Garth Swift The Roundup-Cows and Cowboy Pencil.
© Garth Swift Tree-2021-Elephants and Baobab - Pencil
© Garth Swift Giraffes Web-Duelling Giraffes -Pencil.

"I paint from my heart and if I can bring something to life and help people understand and appreciate it - maybe the painting will go some way in preserving the wild places, so that they will always be with us".

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