AFRIKABURN 2014, 28th APRIL – MAY 4th

AfrikaBurn 2014 ©

AfrikaBurn takes place in the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. A year’s worth of anticipation, dreaming, planning, building and creating comes together to create Tankwa Town, a temporary city formed from the imaginations of its participants (meaning you!)


AfrikaBurn 2014 ©

Tricksters are heroes of culture, mythological characters that are found in stories throughout the world: Coyote, Raven, Tortoise, Anansi the spider, Zomo the Hare, Eshu – the mischievous messenger of the Yoruba gods, the Chinese Monkey King, Krishna, Hermes, Loki, Iktome, Bart Simpson, Bugs Bunny, Jack Sparrow, Beetlejuice, Evita Bezuidenhout.
Sometimes funny, often sly, and almost always subversive, Tricksters transcend boundaries and time. They are often human-acting animals or have the ability to switch between animal and human form – they possess magical powers of transformation; they are the shapeshifters, clowns and jesters of our world.

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