African Furniture Wooden Slated Bench In Showroom

Wooden Slated Bench Detailed View Phases Africa

Wood and Kudu Leather Occasional Chair Phases Africa

Natural Edge Wood Dining Room Table with Pouder-coated Steel Legs African Furniture

New Arrival Wood Recliner Phases Africa

Natural Wood Root Table at Phases Africa
South African Hardwood – The design focuses on capturing the distinct features and individual characteristics of the wood. Each piece is unique and an expression of the beauty of nature and the wood itself. Our strict procurement programme ensures that we only accept wood if its source can be verified and its removal determined to be legitimate. For custom sizes please contact us at Size: of table root featured here: 1500mm (diam) x 900mm (height) Wood: Knobthorn Root 

Natural Hardwood Root Table available at Phases Africa
For custom sizes please contact us at: Size: 1450mm (length) x 1250mm (width) x 850(height). Wood: Knobthorn Root 

African Hardwood Coffee Table available at Phases Africa
Wood Sculpted Coffee Table Phases Africa
Wood Pendent Light and Chair Phases Africa
Wood Pendent Lights Phases Africa

Red Rhodesian Teak Server © Phases Africa

Yellow Jarrah Table: Also available in; Panga Panga, Rhodesian and African Teak. This table is 47" in diam available in custom sizes.

Contemporary slatted wooden chair collection
These slatted wooden dining room and occasional chairs, as well as, bar and/or kitchen stools were designed with comfort in mind. This new African minimalist furniture collection was constructed using simple Birch Plywood. 
Oak and Ash Wood Chair with Leather Upholstery
Wood Turned Side Tables with a Burnt (Scorched) Finish
Solid Oak Wood Bench with a Burnt (Scorched) Finish
African Style Armoire, Cabinet, Dresser
African Wood Furniture Pygmy Bed 1.10cm L x 60cm Wide 
African Tribal Furniture Pygmy Bed 160cm L x 63 cm Wide
Old African Grain Pot Turned upside down makes for a great side table

African Art Decor Hand  Cork Oak Bowl - Size: 690mm(W) x 270mm(H

Unique Wood Coffee Table © Phases Africa
Cameroon Bed: BBC 010: 180cm x 45cm x 18cm high:  Hand carved in Cameroon, this rustic elegant piece adds a sculptural element to any room, and can be used as a coffee table in any living area.

African Hardwood Stools: each stool is unique according to the different wooden stumps obtained and have their own natural edges and characters. From Left to Right: Drum, Zig-Zag, V-Shape, Goblet and Bobbin. The Wave (scroll down to next image.)  Size: 300mm Diam x 400mm Height.
Wood Species: White and Red Eucalyptus, White Poplar, Jacaranda and London Plane.

African Wood Turned Side Tables © Noleen Kutash

Hardwood Stool © Phases Africa
Bamileke Stool from Cameroon © Phases Africa
Bamileke stools from Cameroon: BBC 003: 50cm diam x 40cm high:  Available in white, black or dark Brown: Hand Carved in Cameroon, this elegant piece adds a sculptural element to any room.

Bamileke Stool from Cameroon © Phases Africa
Bamileke Stool from Cameroon BBC 009: 60cm diam x 40cm high: Available in a large variety of sizes and in black, white or dark Brown: Hand Carved in Cameroon, this elegant piece adds a sculptural element to any room, as seen in Architectural Digest and several other life style magazines across the globe.  The artist carved the shape from a single tree trunk and was originally created for a King. The below images is how the Bamileke stools first arrive from Cameroon, in a raw state, before they are meticulously hand-sanded and then either polish, stained or spraypainted.  
Raw Bamileke Stools © Noleen Kutash