African Style Decor

African Style Decor - Image: The Manor - Samara Game Lodge South Africa
Love how all these African masks where spray-painted white including the metal stands.

African Hand beaded Yoruba Chairs From Nigeria 
These armchairs were originally made for the Yoruba tribe’s royalty; their Kings and Queens were the only ones allowed to sit on these chairs.  It take between 12 - 14 weeks of non-stop work to complete one chair.  The Yoruba people from Nigeria construct these chairs and we have a selection of styles patterns and colour available at Phases Africa  

Yoruba hand-beaded Crowns From Nigeria
The crown is worn by a King or Queen only.  It is the most important object in royal Yoruba insignia. The beaded strings attached at the bottom of the crown covers the king’s face and shrouds him from the onlookers therefore strengthening his role as divine ruler.

Old African Grain Pots
There are also old African mortar pots and at times it is difficult to tell the difference between them.
These are stunning as is - can also be used as planters.  If you're in the mood to get really creative.  Turn them upside down and they are ideal side tables. They can also be painted 

African Style Decor Colourful Masks
African Beaded Mask
African 8 legged Nupi Stool Painted
Bamileke Stools used as Coffee Table and Side Tables - Image Google unknown.
Ashanti Stools In Natural Wood Finish - Can also be spray-painted in white or a colour of your choice. 
African Style Decor - Beaded Namji Dolls
African beaded Namji dolls, are gifted to young girls of the tribe to teach them the responsibilities of motherhood. Phases Africa have a large variety of styles, shapes and colours.

African Wood-Carved Colonial Figure 1.7 Meters Tall.
African Style Decor - Painted Whimsical Cow Masks
African Style Decor - Hand-carved Wood Figures
African Style Decor - Sun Mask Bobo Tribe
African Style Decor - Beaded Dividers Wall Art
African Style Decor - Wall Art - Bauli Mask
African Style Decor - Bedu Mask 120H x 54W x 18D From The Ivory Coast