Ostrich Egg Lighting

Ostrich Eggshell Light-fixture (13 eggs) Phases Africa

Ostrich Egg Table Lamp
A soft lighting effect is created by tiny holes in this beautiful chandelier created from naturally colored ostrich eggshells.  Ostrich eggs, sourced from farmed birds, have been widely used in South African homes for decorative effect.  The organic shape of the egg works equally well in contemporary designs. Architectural Digest Magazine, included an Ostrich egg chandelier in one of their issues, the picture was taken, in the entrance of the world famous Saxon Hotel, Johannesburg.

Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa Luxury Hotels in Johannesburg
Genuine Gemsbuck Horn Chandeliers

With pewter leaves (also available in pewter Geckos) that can easily be manipulated to wrap and hold the genuine ostrich egg upright.  These lights should be used with lead lighting - however if you use the old kind of light bulb make sure it is not higher than 45 watt.  The fixture is available with either 6, 8 or 10 horns.  The frame remains the same size, irrespective of the amount of horns selected, Size: 1100mm in diameter and approximately 800mm in height excluding the center chain. 

Gemsbuck Horn Chandelier choice of either 6, 8 or10 Horns with Pewter Leaves 

Genuine Gemsbuck (strait) Horn and Kudu Wall Sconces 
are available in the minimalist look, as seen below, or with either pewter leaves or geckos. The latter can easily be manipulated to wrap and hold the genuine ostrich egg. These lights should be used with lead lighting or if one prefers the old type of light bulb in should not exceed 40 watt. They are also available in genuine Kudu horn (twisted horn - next image) size of the Kudu Horn: approx 83.82cm tall.  The Gemsbuck wall scones (pictured here) is approx 96.52cm tall.

Kudu Horn and Plain Ostrich Egg Wall Sconce