In 1959, this Mercedes 220 S - was purchased as the official car for the Mayor of Bellville, in the Western Cape.   And in 1967 the Mayor’s car was replaced with a new vehicle.  In the meantime the then Chief of the Fire department of Bellville; Mr. B.D. Schoeman and his deputy Mr. W.J. Bodenstein had an issue with their official vehicle.  They could not fit in the car with their fireman’s helmets nor could they manoeuvre the pedals with their heavy boots.  And so the mayor’s old car found a new home with the Bellville’s Fire Department, and was in service there until approximately 1990.

Under the auspices of the Deputy fire Chief Mr. Bodenstein the black Mercedes 220 S was refurbished including the new fire engine red colour.  On the roof of the car several essential items were places such as; bright lights, siren and a megaphone.  This was done with the utmost care so not to interfere with the cars original design.  It was outfitted with a first aid case, fire hoses and extinguishers; as well as a special 12 volt Battery to power the additional lights on the roof.  This car was the pride possession of the Bellville fire station and was meticulously taken care of each daily by the stations crew.  It was purchased by a Mr Kruger of Durbanville in 1990 and stayed in the family until 2008.  When Ryno Wilson, its current owner bought it from the Kruger family. I would like to thank Ryno for forwarding the 4 images below, and for providing me with the history of this car's service with the Bellville’s Fire Department.

Mercedes Benz Club had an outing to Rhebokskloof Wines in Paarl recently called the Ponton Run. My dear friends Ronnie and Elzette Nell, invited me to come along and take pictures for my blog.  Here is Ronnie's stunning 1958 220 S Black Mercedes followed by some of the other equally wonderful vehicles I photographed on this day. 

1958 - 220 S Coupé (very rare)

Ponton cars were produced from 1953 through 1962. They were sold under the "180" and "190" model names.  Here are 3 of those models.

Side View of the 180 - 190 Mercedes Benz Ponton

190 SL produced between May 1955 and February 1963.

300 SE Flagship model in Mercedes-Benz's line-up during the early 1960s

220 S Cabriolet early 1950s