Etosha NationalPark, proclaimed in 1907, as one of Southern Africa’s finest and most important game reserves. The park covers an area of 22,270 km² and is home to dozens of mammal and reptile species, several amphibian species, more than 300 bird species and even one species of fish.  The 4,731 km² salt pan, the largest of its kind in Africa, is the centre piece of the park.

 Ethosha National Park's Salt Pan

The Mushara Collection consists of 4 different camps/lodges they are:
  • Mushara Lodge
  • Villa Mushara
  • Mushara Bush Camp
  • Mushara Outpost – We will be featuring this tented camp in our post today.
Mushara Outpost
Situated just 10 km from Etosha National Park’s,  Von Lindequist Gate, this is the eastern entrance to the park. The name is in honour of the Governor of the then German South West Africa, who had the foresight to proclaim Etosha a game reserve on 22 March 1907. Mushara Outpost can only accommodate a total of 16 guests, in custom-made tent-like wood and canvas structures; nestled on the banks of an ancient dry riverbed, known as ”omuramba” in the Herero language.

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© Mushara Outpost's Main Lodge
© Mushara Outpost's Main Lodge
© Mushara Outpost's Main Lodge
© Mushara Outpost's Main Lodge
© Mushara Outpost's Breakfast
© Mushara Outpost's Pool
© Mushara Outpost's Verandha Dinner

Each tent is mounted on a wooden deck, 1.5 m above the ground, providing a different perspective of the bush. A large glass sliding door leads into the tent, all windows and doors are covered with fly-screen. Large glass windows from floor to ceiling allow for plenty of air circulation during the night. Air conditioning adds an extra level of comfort on very warm afternoons.

© Mushara Outpost's Tented Accommodation
© Mushara Outpost's Tented Accommodation
© Mushara Outpost's Tented Bathroom on Suite
The open plan bathroom sports a ceiling, two large windows and a separate, enclosed toilet. The shower cubicle is glass from top to bottom. Unzip the external canvas cover as far as you are comfortable with and your time in the shower takes on a new dimension.