PHASES AFRICA, ANNOUNCES A DISCOVERY - This South African artist has participated in thirty local and international exhibitions, including major solo exhibitions in London and Johannesburg.   Recently he was awarded first place in an international woodturning competition held in the United Kingdom. 
© Jacaranda Fluted Vase - carved, textured, scorched and stained 570H x 370W mm - phasesafrica.com
© Jacaranda Fluted Vase - close up phasesafrica.com
His work can be found in several international private and corporate collections and was featured in a bestselling coffee table book, together with thirty of the world’s top woodturners.  The artist also strongly believes in supporting the less fortunate by raising funds, through his wood art, both locally and internationally.

African Teak (Kiaat) vase with carved flutes 640H x 375W mm - phasesafrica.com
© African Teak (Kiaat) natural edge bowl 230H x 560W mm - phasesafrica.com
© African Teak (Kiaat) natural edge bowl 194H x 415W mm - phasesafrica.com
© Indian Mahogany, Jacaranda and Kiaat pedestal bowl 435H x 365W mm - phasesafrica.com
© Jacaranda hollow form with cut-outs, carved, scorched and stained 129H x 562W mm - phasesafrica.com
© Matumi Bowl - carved on the outside 200H x 410W mm - phasesafrica.com
© Mulberry burl natural edge bowl with differential staining 345H x 490W mm - phasesafrica.com
© Jacaranda platter burnt, textured and stained (wall mount) 90H x 840W mm  - phasesafrica.com
© Jacaranda Vase - carved, scorched, textured & stained 495H x 370W mm - phasesafrica.com
© Close-up of Jacaranda vase above - phasesafrica.com
In the Artists own words:
‘My close association with nature, both as a child and professionally as a wildlife ecologist, has had the greatest influence on my work.  I enjoy working with African hardwoods for both small and large projects, especially if I am able to exploit colour, grain and textural contrasts.

Wood represents one of the most beautiful, varied and challenging materials to work with.  You can turn it on a lathe, carve, texture, scorch, stain, bleach or bend it. Each time something different and exciting will emerge.  On top of this, nature’s agents such as sun, wind, rain, insects and fungi will attack exposed timber and change it into a sculptural opportunity with its own unique colours and textures. 

I am able to source my timber from dead indigenous and exotic trees or material that has been discarded from building sites, farms, roads and other projects.  What a privilege to work with a beautiful natural product that would often simply be wasted or burnt!’

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