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 "Best International Jewellery Artists Worldwide,” a book soon to be released will feature South Africa’s Tiffany Marx; multinational award winning jewellery designer. 
Marx says: she is “simply following her bliss” and attributes a significant portion of her success to her happy childhood and the fact that she truly loves what she does.  Her parents encouraged her to follow her dreams, accompanied by a great set of values.  They also bestowed her with oodles of confidence which enabled her to grow her business from strength to strength.
© Tiffany Marx 18ct Yellow Gold Floral Design Necklace with Matching Earrings
© Tiffany Marx 18ct gold and Sterling Silver Rock Ring with Rutilated Quartz Detail
Marx also ascribes much of her success to her interests in current trends across a wide spectrum of design disciplines like architecture, sculpture and fashion. She loves interacting with her clients and always endeavours to "go the extra mile" to involve them in the creative process and make sure that the experience of having a piece of Jewellery made is a truly an exciting and rewarding one.

© Tiffany Marx Carnelian and Sterling Silver Pebble Necklace A
Marx oversees and insures that each piece created by her, from design to delivery, is done with the utmost integrity and of the highest quality. Beside Marx’s personal collections, she will gladly take on commissions, to celebrate everyday, as well as significant occasions, such as engagements, birthdays and anniversaries by creating special, once-off pieces for her clients.
© Tiffany Marx Orchid Pendants
© Tiffany Marx Diamond Emerald cut Engagement ring in 18ct
© Tiffany Marx Diamond Emerald cut Engagement ring in 18ct
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© Tiffany Marx Molten Metal Ring in Sterling Silver
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