v 1886- 1896 “Vision- Main Street Life”

The 12 Decades Johannesburg Art hotel chronicalling the history of Johannesburg from 1886- 2006 with rooms designed and conceptualised by some of South Africa’s most celebrated artists and designers.  Situated in the heart of Johannesburg CBD, in the newly developed cultural Precinct, Maboneng, the 12 Decades is a perfect recreation and business destination

v 1896- 1906 “Sir Abe Bailey”

The origins
The development of the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg’s ground-breaking urban mixed-use community, began with Arts on Main – the cultural hub known for its mix of galleries, artist studios, creative venues, offices and retail spaces.

The Maboneng Precinct
v 1906-1916 “This is the House that Jack built"
The foundations

Maboneng is the brainchild of Propertuity, founded by Jonathan Liebmann. In 2008, Jonathan purchased the old DF Corlett construction offices and warehouses, and collaborated with architect Enrico Daffonchio of 
Daffonchio and Associates Architects in converting this industrial space into a cutting-edge city destination.

v 1916-1926 “Minehaus”
The vision

During the construction of Arts on Main in 2009, Jonathan began to imagine a much broader vision: the transformation of the entire area around Arts on Main into a fully integrated, mixed-use community and a comprehensive and mixed-income residential offering. Maboneng was born. Named for the Sotho word for ‘place of light’, the precinct represents an enlightened community in Joburg’s eastern CBD.

v 1926-1936 “Marabi"
The present
Main Street Life, 12 Decades Hotel, Revolution House, The Main Change and Fox Street Studios came next – all well-designed and unique mixed-use spaces that encourage entrepreneurship, culture, urbanism, creative expression and design. For more information on our other developments, explore the Development page

v 1936-1946 Who is Herbert Dlomo
v 1946-1956 A part love A part hate
v 1956-1966 “Main Street Constellations
v 1966-1976 “50 Stories”
v 1976-1986 “Ponte Obscura
v 1986- 1996 “Catwalk Customs”
v 1996-2006 “Perpetual Liberty