Night Bridge © Rodger Lee

South African, Roger Lee is a widely travelled, experienced photographer who has been through all the phases of photography over the years – black & white, colour prints, colour transparencies – and who has made the transition to digital with what he describes as ‘a feeling of complete awe at the endless possibilities’. He has a passion for Black & White images.

Beach Run © Roger Lee
Arid © Roger Lee
Baby Charge © Roger Lee
Cathedral © Roger Lee
Express © Roger Lee
Moonlight Bridge © Roger Lee
Night Arch © Roger Lee
Pilot © Roger Lee
Protest © Roger Lee
Skyscraper © Roger Lee
Stunt Flyer © Roger Lee
Triple © Roger Lee

Over 600 people have enjoyed his introductory course in photography which he has now converted into a series of E Books which take you on ‘….a gentle, uncomplicated photographic journey, through what to do, how to do it and, most importantly, how to enjoy all of it!’
They can be ordered on his website: