Meet Martin Osner, a multi-award winning artist, including voted the best contemporary international artist 2008 / 2009 by Arteque art volume 3 (Masters of Today) his photography is characterized by an urge to explore with the willingness to experiment.

His collection consists of ghostly abstract renditions, moody landscapes and social documentary imaging sold through his own signature gallery in Green Point, Cape Town. 

Currently he offers basic and advanced photography classes; also master classes in landscape and fine art.
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa (1963), Martin Osner opened his first photographic studio in Johannesburg (1985) where he established a solid reputation as a professional photographer and artist. In 1993, he co-founded the National College of Photography, which today has become the premier photographic training institution in Southern Africa.  

The author of this blog Travel and Trade South Africa just completed a 7 day course with Martin, and I highly recommend everyone interested in photography follow suit; because from an artistic point of view, the lessons I was taught is a life altering experience.   
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