Lion Roar, Maasai Mara, 2012 © Nick Brandt
The Fahey/Klein Gallery is pleased to present "Across the Ravaged Land" the third series in renowned photographer Nick Brandt's epic vision and ongoing effort to capture the vanishing world and changing landscape of East Africa. This latest body of work represents the final installment of Nick Brandt's ongoing efforts to document a rapidly disappearing world. Nick Brandt's previous two exhibitions and publications, "On This Earth" and "A Shadow Falls" are now concluded by this third and final installment. This series completes the sentence which embodies his trilogy, "On This Earth, A Shadow Falls, Across the Ravaged Land."

Buffalos Head to Head, Lake Nakuru, 2012 © Nick Brandt
Elephant Mother & Baby Sleeping, Amboseli, 2012 © Nick Brandt
Elephant Mother with Baby at Leg, Amboseli, 2012 © Nick Brandt
Giraffes on Lake Bed, Amboseli, 2012 © Nick Brandt
Lion Circle, Serengeti, 2012 © Nick Brandt
Lion in Shaft of Light, Maasai Mara, 2012 © Nick Brandt
Lioness with Cub in Mouth, Amboseli, 2012 © Nick Brandt
Old Elephant with One Tusk, Amboseli, 2012 © Nick Brandt
The Two Elephants, Amboseli, 2012 © Nick Brandt

As a response to what he was witnessing, in 2010, Nick Brandt and conservationist Richard Bonham, co-founded Big Life Foundation. Relying on a grass roots effort and inclusive community collaboration, Big Life Foundation has already achieved a dramatic reduction in poaching of animals in the Amboseli ecosystem, a nearly two-million acre area covering the Kenya/Tanzania border. The aim of Big Life Foundation is not only to apprehend poachers but to protect the entire ecosystem, drawing on community collaboration to support conservation, which in turn can support and sustain the community.