Back in 1953, when Marilyn Monroe sang "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" in the movie "Gentlemen Prefers Blonds", woman did not have the "love affair" with handbags they have today.  Now don't get me wrong girls I understand our passion for those shine stones, after all, I am a South African woman and diamond mining is a big part of our economy.  However, I'd venture to say that handbags (purses as they are called in America) have become our "new best friend".  

So today we are going to view some mighty fine handbags made in South Africa by one of our top producers.  And oh, yes they have other fine products as well.  I’ll post a link to their website at the end of my post so you can feast your eyes on the rest of the collection.

These products are made from only the finest leathers, originating from the very best tanneries.  Each product is produced according to precise specifications and time honored methods.

Style: Mod Shop

Crafted from Nile Crocodile belly skin (also available in Ostrich Skin) Features natural handle fittings allowing the natural texture and definitions of the leather speak for itself.  The bag is sealed with a zip across the top and like all Via La Moda creations features luxurious leather lining on the inside. An exterior zip at the back gives access to frequently used items. 

Style: Viola

The combination of genuine Ostrich leather body held by a Crocodile backstop decorated with Ostrich leather tassels give a unique flavor to this Via La Moda creation. The interlaced handles protruding from Nguni rings confirm the origin of this design. 
The wonder of this bag is despite it's size, only one Ostrich skin is used testifying to the ingenuity of its creative designer.

Style: Elaine

The unique Via La Moda nabuk leather on the Elaine handbag gives the wearer some unique distinctions. It's a Nile Crocodile leather handbag. The velvety matt finish is created by a distinct chemical conversion that somehow maintains the defining features of the historic predator's naturally textured skin.


 Also Available In Ostrich Skin

Style: Petal
Petal was code named the "star bag" at Via La Moda as it was very much the star attraction during Cape Town's Design Indaba 2011 and featured on the South African style report on national television.
Each of the perfect cutouts is lined with matching leather to the lining beneath giving a multicolored petal effect that led to its name.