Medjumbe the 1km long and 500m wide island with a long sand-bar tail called the ‘spit’ lies on the edge of the protected Quirimbas National Park.  Quirimbas Archipelago in Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique, is a captivating chain of 32 coral islands. There are no inhabitants on this island other than the hotel guests and the staff that take care of them. 

The 13 makuti thatch charlets are luxurious and include outdoor hammocks and showers. Mozambique is renowned for its tidal differences for they are amongst the greatest in the world.  
On Medjumbe they are ever so active and responsible for ever changing seascapes especially on 
the tail-end of the Island.   Dolphins’ are frequent visitors around Medjumbe.  It is also a place for excellent deep sea fishing, bird watching, sailing and windsurfing.

The water around Medjumbe is crystal clear, turquoise blue and 30 Celsius in summer.  The pristine reefs are known as a diving paradise. The 12 most known dive sites offer a range of diving experiences that are simply breathtaking, taking in fringing reefs, coral banks and vertical and sloping reef walls. On shallower dives (8-15 metres) you are likely to see resident reef fish such as Sweetlips, Pufferfish, Angelfish and Triggerfish. Anemones filter the waters with the resident clown fish often in sight. You may also see turtles making their way out to deeper waters.

On deeper wall dives (up to 40 metres) such as Sambi Sambi, the Edge of Reason or Cliffs of Insanity, you will encounter species such as Napolean Wrasse, Groupers, Black-and White-Tip Reef Sharks, Snappers and Unicorn Fish. Here you can experience the feeling of flight as the wall gives way to deep blue waters beyond. As Medjumbe's waters are so little explored, there are always new diving sites to discover (Medjumbe often name these after the guests who discover them).

The food at Medjumbe is excellent and if you enjoy seafood you are in for a treat.  Also do try a Caipirinha cocktail pronounced “kie-purr-reeen-ia.”  And watch one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever experience.

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