Bamboo, Wood Pendant Light Fixtures


Bamboo Pendant Lights

Bamboo Ceiling Lights 

Wood and Bamboo Pendant Lighting 

Bamboo and wood ceiling light fixture 

Wood and bamboo Pendant Light Fixture 

Wood Pendant Light - Tendu 600 x 347 mm Phases Africa

Wood Pendant Light
 Wood Pendant Light Dia: 600mm H: 300mm - Nook

Wood Pendant Light - Cusp-300 x 600 mm Phases Africa

Wood Pendant Light - Size 570mm H: 384mm - Lotus

Wood Pendant Lights Phases Africa Lighting

These wood pendant light fixtures are intricately designed yet elegantly simple, using high-end fine grained Birch Plywood that confidently hold their own in a variety of interior spaces.

Wood Pendant Lights and Chair - Flat Packed for cost-effective shaping 

Wood Pendant Lights Ellipse 

Detail Wood Pendant Lights Close-up Ellipse  

Wood Pendant Lights

Flute 210 - Wood Pendant Lights 

Wood Pendant Lights - Cone 320 

Wood Pendant Lights - Coupe 320 

Wood Pendant Lights - Cone 180 Phases Africa

Wood and Bamboo Pendant Light - 400 Diam x 550 High - Nouveau

Wood Pendant Light - available in 2 sizes 600D x 300H or 800D x 400H mm

Wood Pendant Light 600 Diam x 300 H mm - Halo