African Decor & Home Furnishings

Wood-turnings three side-tables © Phases Africa

These African decorative pieces and home furnishings are regularly seen in luxury resorts and homes as well as, commercial building across the globe.  When you visit Africa's prestigious 5* safari lodges, you will understand where this popular decorative style found its origins.

Bamileke hand-carved African Stools © Phases Africa

African Decor - Bronze Benin Leopard Sculpture © Phases Africa

These beautiful African beaded chairs are from Nigeria in West Africa; originally made for the Yoruba Kings and Queens and they were the only ones allowed to sit in them.  

Constructing one of these beaded armchairs, can take anywhere from 10 - 14 weeks to be completed.  They are available in different coloures, styles and the sizes can differ somewhat.   

Today, these functional artful chairs are seen in lobbies, lounges, bedrooms as well as waiting rooms and offices in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, lodges, resorts private homes and contemporary offices across the globe. Below the Yoruba beaded chair is an image of the King and Queens crowns with hanging beaded fringes that functions as a veil to hide the faces of Royalty.

African Decor Beaded Yoruba Crowns © Phases Africa

African Furniture Beaded Yoruba Arm Chairs © Phases Africa

African Decor Nupe Stools © Phases Africa

African Bronze Male & Female Skeleton Sculptures © Phases Africa

African Decor Senufo Bed Mali - 1,55 x 44 x36cmH © Phases Africa

African Decor A Dogon Door Mounted On Metal Stand © Phases Africa

African Wall Art Plank Mask © Plank Masks

Wood chiseled Bowl 

Charred Mahogany Bowl 

Bambara Horses From Mali African Decor - Bambara Horse

African Headrest Kuba Figures © Phases Africa

Ashanti Wood Dolls Phases Africa

African Shell Necklaces Phases Africa

African Beaded Fetish Dolls Phases Africa

African Beaded Fetish Dolls Phases Africa

African Beaded Fetish Dolls Phases Africa

African Fabrics'

Scatter Pillows Covered In African Fabric

Cameroon Beaded Shield s
Cameroon Beaded Shield 

African Shield - Cameroon

African Decor
African Shields from Cameroon 

African Fabric

African Textiles

African Textiles