African Decor Ideas

Hand-carved African Door Phases Africa

 African decor, frequently spotted in contemporary or traditional luxury homes, commercial spaces and resorts as well as safari lodges in Africa; African masks, hand carved bamileke stools and beds the latter are ideal coffee tables.  Colourful Nupe stools from Nigeria, and Ashanti and Senufu stools.  Wall art decor with geometric patterns handmade plank masks from Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Kenya. Kuba Cloth from the Congo, Tall Colonial Figures from the Ivory Coast.  Antique bronze sculptures from Benin in Nigeria.  Antique bronze currency, Yoruba all beaded Kings crown, Ethiopian crosses, Dogon ladders and stunning hand carved door by the Dogon people, and African totem poles

Natural Wood Nupe Stools

African Nupi Stools hand-carved and painted

African Beaded Mask Phases Africa Furniture & Decor

African Decor, Bauli Mask Phases Africa Furniture & Decor

African Beaded Mask - From Cameroon Phases Africa Furniture & Decor PTY ltd

African Decor, Old Grain Bowls Phases Africa Furniture & Decor PTY ltd

Tonga and Batonga African Stools Phases Africa

African Mid-Century Modern Chair Phases Africa

African Decor, Choukoue Masks - From Congo African Masks

African mask are one of the most collectable Art forms and can be viewed in many of the world’s greatest African art collections both private and public. The African masks are an intricate part of each tribes culture, worn during rituals, initiations, celebrations, and giving thanks especially after a great harvest. And before war the villagers will don their masks and congregate in ritualistic dance; praying to their deities to guide them through battle and render them victorious. Today these African masks are seen as art hanging on walls or mounted on stands all over the world: in the hospitality industry, commercial spaces, contemporary homes as well as traditional ones.

African Decor, Ashanti Stools In Natural Wood Finish African Hand-carved Stools

African Textiles, Kuba Cloth Small, Medium and Large African Textiles, Kuba, Shoowa & Mud Cloth

African Kuba Cloth  African Kuba Cloth

African Decor - Wood Posts hand-carved by the Makonde people from Tanzania, Mozambique & Kenya

Large African Kalao Bird - African Kalao Bird

Natural Wood Colour - Top View Senufo Stool African Decor, Senufo Stools

Bedu Mask 120H x 54W x 18D Ivory Coast African Wall Decor- Flat Wooden Masks

                    Dogon hand-carved door mounted on a steel base can be placed in any space. 

Hand-carved wooden Dogon Ladder (Granary ladder) shaped in a Y.  The Dogon people reside in Mali & Burkina Faso.