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Driftwood Sculpture Rhino Phases Africa

Baby Elephant Driftwood Sculpture Phases Africa

African Decor hand carved Men And Woman figures 1.75 to 2 meters tall 

African Decor - Wood carved African Figures

Hand carved wood figures from Africa called Colonial men and woman - Range from 1.65 Meters – 2.5 Meters tall:  Individually hand carved wooden “Colonial figures” representing an unusual mix of African and European cultures. There are no two men/woman alike and stand on their own. They come in a large variety of colors and are more striking in pairs or groups of 3 or more.

Colonial Figures ©Phases Africa Decor 

African wood carved table  - size: 155 x54 x 38cm (high) -
image:© N.Kutash

This African Decorative item is called a Natural - Bamileke Bed - It was hand-carved and comes from Cameroon.  This particular bed has no pillow carved in the wood on the top of the bed.  It is available, in brown or black finish or it can be painted white or another colour of your choosing.

African Decor - hand carved wood African stool - Bamileke size: 50diam x 42H © N. Kutash

Bamileke Stool  
This pattern is called (Victory) hence the V design. Stool - BV 018 -   The Bamileke stool is often referred to by name after its host country Cameroon.  The stool was hand-carved from a single tree trunk.  It is available, in black, dark brown or light brown stained finish.  And can also be painted white or in a colour of your choosing. This elegant African decor accent piece adds a sculptural element to any room, and will enhance any living space in your home or office.  The original stools similar to these were carved for kings and princes in Cameroon. 

African Decor - Kuba Cloth from the Congo - This one is 8.5 meters long

Kuba Cloth
In post - Renaissance Europe, Kuba Cloth, the embroidered and applique decorated raffia cloth from the Congo (formerly Zaire), entered the curio cabinets and treasuries of nobles and kings as the finest representation of African art. More recently, the mastery of Kuba cloths' abstract patterning was a source of inspiration to artists such as Matisse, who displayed part of his large collection on the wall of his studio. Creative Detailing directly trades with Congo's most renowned source on Kuba Cloth.  We will find what you’re looking for just email us your requirements.

Driftwood Sculpture - Rhino Head

African Decor © Hand-carved Men And Woman From Africa 2 meter - 1.75 meters tall

Kuba Cloth by: Phases Africa

Kuba Cloth by: © 

Bamileke Stools - Hand Carved In Cameroon by © Noleen Kutash

Cameroon Stools

Also called Bamileke stool: BBC 009: 60cm diam x 40cm high: Available in a large variety of sizes and in black, white or dark Brown: Hand Carved in Cameroon, this elegant piece adds a sculptural element to any room, as seen in Architectural Digest and several other life style magazines across the globe. The artist carved the shape from a single tree trunk and was originally created for a King.

Bamileke Stools - Hand Carved In Cameroon by:Phases Africa © Noleen Kutash

African Stool - by: © Phases Africa

Senufo Stool 

This Senufo stool is approx  37cm wide x 30cm deep x 88cm high and comes from the Ivory Coast, in Africa.  These wonderfully simple sculptural forms are hand carved from a single block of wood.

African Wood Masks For Wall Decor by: Phases Africa Furniture & Decor © Noleen Kutash

Ivory Coast Plank Masks

BBC 013: 110cm long x 70 diam:  This hand carved wood plank mask is a stunning addition to a room whether traditional or contemporary. 

African Wood Masks For Wall Decor by: Phases Africa © Noleen Kutash

Fish Plank Mask -  48Lx10Wx5Deep
Fish Plank Mask -  48"L x 10"W x 5"Deep 

These hand-carved fish plank masks are from the Ivory Coast in Africa and are very rare item.  For more into contact us

Fish Plank Mask 48Lx8Wx6Deep Inches
Fish Plank Mask 48'L x 8''W x 6"Deep 

Fish Plank Mask - 60"L x 6"Wx 6"Deep