Contemporary African Interior Design Ideas

Contemporary Wood Slated Furniture Slated Furniture

Visitors to Phases Africa’s online store will find a selection of exclusive and elegant African minimalist wooden furniture, unique wooden as well as, bamboo lighting fixtures.  Organic handmade wool as and cowhide rugs.  Tree root dining and coffee tables made from sustainable wood - Phases Africa only uses wood that have felled naturally.  African commissioned art sculptures of wildlife as well as contemporary figures.  Kids room decor including fun cotton rugs all made by hand in traditional African style. 

Contemporary Dining Room Minimalist Wooden Chair

Contemporary Dining Room Minimalist Wooden Armchair

Contemporary Kitchen or Bar Wooden Stool

Contemporary Occasional Wooden Stool

Wood Table Base Phases Africa

Wood Pendant Lighting Available in 3 different sizes as well as, spray painted colours.

Minimalist Wood Hanging Light Fixtures 

Bamboo Lighting Fixtures Phases Africa

Wood Carved Fish Lighting Fixture Phases Africa Furniture & Decor PTY ltd.

Close- up Wood Carved Fish Light Fixture Phases Africa

Wood turned Pebbles Phases Africa

Wood Chairs and Wood Ceiling Light Fixtures Phases Africa

Felt Sheep Phases Africa

Unique Area Rug Made From South African Felt Phases Africa

African Art Decor - Driftwood Sculpture - Phases Africa

Hardwood Dining Room Table Phases Africa
Red Ivory Hand-chiseled Bowl Phases Africa

 Driftwood Sculpture

Handwoven Karakul Wool Rugs

Kids Room Decor, Stuffed Toys Stuffed Toys