African Decor│Colonial Wood Carved Figures

Full Figured Colonials - Butler Figures - image courtesy of: Chitwa Chitwa game lodge Kruger
These fun African home decor pieces individually hand carved wooden “Colonial figures” representing an unusual mix of African and European cultures. There are no two men/woman alike and stand on their own. They come in a large variety of colors and are more striking in pairs or groups of 3 or more.  There are also smaller sizes available as well as life size (meaning the colonial figures have almost normal size figures as far as the width goes. These full figured colonials have outstretched arms and a try can be placed in those arms with cocktails or in a bathroom with beauty products.
Size: Range from 1.5 Meters – 2.5 Meters tall
Small approx. 1- 1.3 M Skinny Colonials Doctors and Nurses © Noleen Kutash
Approx. 1,8 Meter Tall Colonial Figures Hand-carved from wood. © Noleen Kutash

African hand carved wood figures © Noleen Kutash
© Noleen Kutash Wood Carved Colonial Men and Women approx 1.5 - 2.3 Meters Tall Phases Africa
Hand-carved Colonial Figures │ Statues approx.1.8 Meters Tall © Noleen Kutash Phases Africa
Wood Colonial Figures Hand Carved approx 1.3 Meters Tall Phases Africa
Colonial Men Hand Carved approx 1.7 - 2.3 Meters Tall Phases Africa
Small Colonial Figures approx. 1.3 Meters Tall Phases Africa
Small Colonial Figures approx. 1.3 Meters Tall Phases Africa
African Wood Carved Colonial Figure Chef - Long Shot
African Wood Carved Chef Figure - Close-up
African wood-carved Large Colonial Full Body Figure - Butlers
African wood-carved Colonial Figure Butler Yellow 164 tall x 52 Deep x 42 Wide
Hand-carved wooden Colonial figures
Wood hand-carved Colonial Figures