South African Diamonds And Tanzania Tanzanite

The Ayanda™ range of certified Tanzanite is exceptional in its colour, clarity and quality and is sourced directly from Tanzania. The Ayanda™ – The Queen of Tanzanite range often combined with diamonds, has introduced the rare and exquisite blue to deep violet stone to a market that is passionate about classic and contemporary design.
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Tanzanite Rings Shimansky Jewelers ©
"There is something mystical about a diamond," says Yair Shimansky. The earth takes billions of years to create the mineral and, in the hands of a master cutter, a rough stone is transformed within weeks into a gem that scatters light from its multitude of facets and captivates the eye. "It is like bringing something to life," say Shimansky.
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Designer and manufacturer of exclusive platinum and diamond jewellery, Shimansky is respected worldwide for superb quality, cutting edge design, and superior workmanship. They pride themselves on offering a unique and unforgettable jewellery and diamond experience. At their flagship jewellery Showroom in the Clock Tower, Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa they offer personalised Diamond Experience tours where you can witness unique and exceptional jewellery masterpieces taking shape in front of your eyes, as well as to learn more about South Africa’s most famous precious gem - the diamond.
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Diamond Rings Shimansky Jewelers ©
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Shimansky’s specialised on-site Diamond Cutting Works includes advanced diamond cutting and polishing technology. Here clients are able to witness the A to Z of diamond cutting and polishing, and also learn more about the science of diamonds and how they are mined. Shimansky source their diamonds directly from South African mines and are certified by independent diamond laboratories. Each diamond is laser-inscribed with the certificate number no bigger than a few micron on the girdle, giving you peace of mind now and for generations to come.
Shimansky believes that for a brand to have strong presence today, it also takes integrity and innovation. At Shimansky you will find exclusive designs such as the Millennium diamond ring and the Evolym™ ring set with the most brilliant cut diamonds South Africa has to offer.  
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Another first was Shimansky’s My Girl™ diamond cut, researched and developed over three years, the unique design catches the light with every movement you make, delivering superior brilliance, scintillation and fire in a square cut diamond like never before. Shimansky’s Brilliant 10™ diamond cut is the most brilliant cut diamond in the world, when viewed through an Ideal Scope viewer, a perfect ten-hearts and ten-arrows pattern shows perfect alignment and proportion.
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Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings Shimansky Jewelers ©
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