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Wood Sculpture Trojan Horse Phases Africa

Baby Elephant Driftwood Sculpture Phases Africa
Rhino Head Driftwood Sculpture Phases Africa Furniture and Decor
Driftwood Ballerina Sculpture Phases Africa Furniture and Decor
Noleen Kutash, the owner of Phases Africa Furniture and Decor PTY (ltd) an African home furnishing and African decor business, as well as, the author of Travel and Trade South Africa, is constantly sourcing new and unconventional talent on the continent of Africa.
The Phases Africa collection introduces an exciting mix of  the "old" - Africa's rich tribal and European colonial heritage - combined with the "new" - sophisticated custom-made home furnishings from some of South Africa's leading contemporary artisans and designers.  

Wood Side Tables 
Occasional Chair 
Wood Server Wood Furniture
Quality African Dining Room Furniture
Driftwood Sculpture Rhino Phases Africa Furniture and Decor
Sculpted Wood Coffee Table 
Driftwood Sculpted Sculls and Horns
Driftwood Ballerina Sculpture
© Swimming elephant bull, designed for a rim-flow pool or indoor water feature 
During a recent trip, Noleen, discovered a phenomenal artist who finds inspiration for his imaginative artworks from nature, which shows in both the subjects he chooses and the materials with which he constructs his sculptures. He started creating driftwood sculptures about three years ago, using his extensive collection of found driftwood sourced from dry river beds, dams and farms in his area.

© Leopard Hardwood Sculpture -
© Vulture Driftwood Sculpture
© Vespa - image: Kevin Broadley 
© Baby elephant life size - image: Kevin Broadley 
© Driftwood Hippopotamus 
© Stag Beetle made from hardwood roots found in rocky river bed - image: K. Broadley 
© Polished driftwood sculpture of Cape Clawless Otter - image: Kevin Broadley 
© Saxophone, jazzed up driftwood - image: Kevin Broadley 
©  Driftwood swan on pear coffee table - image: Kevin Broadley 
American Indian Cow-horn Scull Driftwood Sculpture
Bull Head Scull Driftwood Sculpture 
Longhorn Scull Driftwood Sculpture 
Driftwood Sculpture - Water Ox 
For more information regarding purchasing these items or commissioning the artist; contact us for prices and lead times on these driftwood commissions.