African Contemporary Wood Furniture & Decor

African Furniture
                          Indoor and Oudoor Wood Lounger - made to order at Phases Africa

Oak Wood Dining Room Table
Oak Wood Round Dining Table

Contemporary Wood Furniture & Decor
Aluminium Coffee Table - Top View

African Furniture
                                           Wood Bench with Woven Cord Seating 

Natural Edge Wood Dining Room Table with Pouder-coated Steel Legs African Furniture

Natural Hardwood Root Table available at Phases Africa

For custom sizes please contact us at: Size: 1450mm (length) x 1250mm (width) x 850(height). Wood: Knobthorn Root 

African Hardwood Coffee Table available at Phases Africa

African Wood Furniture
Sculpted Wood Side-Tables and or Stools.

Tonga from Zimbabwe - size approx. 54hx29d cm

African Furniture Stackable Contemporary chair

Oak and Ash Wood Chair with Leather Upholstery

African Furniture
Unique Occasional Wooden Chairs 

African Home Decor
Wood Grain Pots - Turned upside down and painted (see below) 

Contemporary African Wood Furniture & Decor
Grain Stomper Pots Tanzania  - Wood Grain Pots - Turned Upside Down and Painted

Contemporary Wood Furniture & Decor
African Grain Pot Painted Stripes - Called Tonga

Wood Turned Side Tables with a Burnt (Scorched) Finish

Solid Oak Wood Bench with a Burnt (Scorched) Finish

African Style Armoire, Cabinet, Dresser

African Hardwood Stools: each stool is unique according to the different wooden stumps obtained and have their own natural edges and characters. From Left to Right: Drum, Zig-Zag, V-Shape, Goblet and Bobbin. The Wave (scroll down to next image.)  Size: 300mm Diam x 400mm Height.
Wood Species: White and Red Eucalyptus, White Poplar, Jacaranda and London Plane.

African Wood Turned Side Tables © Noleen Kutash

Bamileke stools from Cameroon:
BBC 003: 50cm diam x 40cm high:  Available in white, black or dark Brown: Hand Carved in Cameroon, this elegant piece adds a sculptural element to any room.

Bamileke Stool from Cameroon © Phases Africa

Bamileke Stool from Cameroon BBC 009: 60cm diam x 40cm high: Available in a large variety of sizes and in black, white or dark Brown: Hand Carved in Cameroon, this elegant piece adds a sculptural element to any room, as seen in Architectural Digest and several other life style magazines across the globe.  The artist carved the shape from a single tree trunk and was originally created for a King. The below images is how the Bamileke stools first arrive from Cameroon, in a raw state, before they are meticulously hand-sanded and then either polish, stained or spray-painted. 
Raw Bamileke Stools © Noleen Kutash

African Bamileke Bed - Used As A Coffee Table

Hand carved Bamileke bed from Cameroon, this rustic elegant piece adds a sculptural element to any room, and can be used as a coffee table in any living area.