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                                                    Multi-coloured African Beaded Chair

African royal chairs were made for the Yoruba royal family.  They are all hand-beaded from top to bottom and back to front.  The Yoruba people live in South-western Nigeria, and other parts of West Africa.   Constructing of of these chairs can take anywhere from 12 to 14 weeks due to the fact that these beads are so tiny and the process painstakingly slow.  Originally, only the Yoruba Royal family were allowed to be seated in these hand-beaded chairs.
Size in Inches: approx. 25 x 25 x 29  (chair height)
Size in mm: approx. 635 x 635 x 737 (chair height)

Yoruba African Beaded Chairs - Orange & Blue

Cameroonian Side Tables - made from cowrie shells and beads

Armchairs From Cameroon made using beads and cowrie shells

African Hand-beaded Yoruba Chairs 

African Beaded Armchairs- Yoruba

Yoruba Beaded Chairs

Handmade African Beaded Chairs

Black and White Zigzag African Beaded Chairs

Multi Coloured Blue Beaded Chairs

Yoruba, African armchairs available at Phases Africa Furniture & Decor

African Hand Beaded Nigerian Chairs available at Phases Africa Furniture & Decor

Hand beaded Royal Crowns - Yoruba Nigeria Phases Africa - African Decor

This Yoruba King's crown from Nigeria is considered the most cherished beaded object to hail from Africa. This crown can only be worn by a Yoruba King or his direct descendants, during public and state occasions.  They come in two different styles; the white ones in the above image as well as, the more cone shaped ones seen in the image below.

African Home Decor Ideas
                                                           Beaded Yoruba Royal Crowns.

Yoruba Royal Beaded Crowns From Africa

African Beaded Chiars - Yoruba, Nigeria

Hand-beaded armchair, Nigeria, Yoruba People

African Decor - Cameroon Bamileke Bush Cow Beaded Mask

Wire and Beaded Chicken

Beaded African Dolls│African Namji Dolls

African Namji Beaded Doll

Hand Beaded Dolls, Africa

Small hand beaded African Namji Dolls

Wire and beads hand made farm animal

Kids' Animal Objects - A goat, hand beaded using wire and glass beads

Zebra, wire and glass beads made by hand

This Yoruba Kings crown from Nigeria

African beaded head sculptures Phases Africa Furniture and Decor

African Beaded Chairs (Viewed from the back)

African Beaded Armchairs front view

                                 Hardheaded African armless chairs ideal as dinging or occasional chairs.