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Wood Dining Room Tables

This dining room table with a 1.2 inch (32mm) thick round table top allows for easy access due to the centrally located leg structure.  The dining room tables are available in a variety of sizes and wood types.  Contact Phases Africa Furniutre & Decor PTY
  •  Size:   6 seater:  59"    Diam x 29.5" H (1500 Diam x 750 H mm)
  •  Size:   8 seater:  70.8" Diam x 29.5" H (1800 Diam x 750 H mm)
  •  Size: 10 seater:  86.6" Diam x 29.5" H (2200 Duan x 750 H mm)
Unique Occasional Wooden Chairs
Unique Woodend Chairs

This chair featured on the left side of the above image was constructed using the following timbers: mahogany, walnut, eucalyptus saligna, pine, douglas fir, wenge, cherry, yellow wood, oak, zebrano, tallow wood, white pear, teak and chestnut.

Dimensions: seat height, 43 cm.  total height, 84 cm.  seat width, 36 cm. seat depth, 40 cm.  total foot print, 51 x 37 cm.

The chair featured on the right side of the above image was constructed using these timbers: yellow wood, teak, white stinkwood, douglas fir, oak, pine, tallow wood, Eucalyptus saligna, poplar, purpleheart, chestnut, iroko, blackwood, wenge, zebrano and walnut.

Dimensions: seat height, 43 cm. total height, 85 cm. seat width. 38 cm. seat depth, 39 cm and total foot print, 39 x 53 cm.

wood turnings
                                                             Wood Turned Side Tables 

wood turnings
Wood-turned pebbles available at Phases Africa

cowhide rugs
Handmade Cowhide Area Rugs Phases Africa

handmade cowhide rugs
Handmade Area Cowhide Rugs

These African hand stitched cowhide rugs are constructed using a variety of hair-on-hide sized tiles, that were first cut by hand, and then stitched together to form a single cowhide rug (see image with tile sizes).
The cowhides are hand selected, top-of-the-line hair-on hide skins, stitched together with virtually unbreakable waxed-cotton thread with a polyester core.  Sustainable materials were used for the backings of the cowhide rugs, made from a 100% recycled rubber, thus ensuring these rugs are sound-absorbing, non-slip and comfortable as well as, uniquely beautiful.
Natural Hide Colour Options:
Black and White
Shades of Brown

Horn Lighting Fixture Unique Lighting Fixtures

© Hand-carved African Wooden Bench/Bed - African Home Decor Image: by Noleen Kutash ©

  African Furniture African Wood Turnings │ side tables image by: Noleen Kutash ©

African Nupe Stool size: 39 x 39 x 30Hcm Phases Africa

African Style Wooden Bench Phases Africa

This African style wooden bench with “Riempie” seating. The wood pictured here is Kiaat wood ideal for indoor as well as, outdoors.  The hand-woven “Riempie” seat was made from 100% polypropylene high tenacity multi-filament yarn available in two thicknesses 2.5 or 5mm the later pictured here.
Available Weave Colours:   Black, Grey, Military green, Beige, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White
Sizes: Custom sizes available – size pictured: 1400L x 450 x 450 mm
Other Available Timber: Plantation Teak

Decorative Pillows - Rock Pillows - Scatter Cushions 

Silver / Gold leaf finish Rock Decorative Pillows - Scatter Cushions
Hand Felted Merino Wool.
Pillows have 100% recycled polyester inners, 100% wool inners can be supplied on request. Special care should be taken. Not for use by children or high traffic. Our professional finish can be added for high traffic use, please request. Handwash cold water or dry-clean.
Tiny: 30 x 25 x 12 cm
Small: 40 x 30 x 20 cm
Medium: 50 x 45 x 30 cm
Large: 60 x 70 x 45 cm
Colour Options: Aubergine, Olive, Orange, Pale Pink, Red, Rust, Sand, Succulent, Wine, Black, Bordeaux, Brown, Citruse, Coral, Dark Grey, Dark Jade, Denim, Natural, Medium Grey, Medium Brown, Lime, Masai Red, Light Jade, Light Grey, Indigo, Forest Green, Ochre

Sculptured Ballerina - Driftwood available at: Phases Africa

The artist that sculpted this Ballerina from driftwood finds inspiration for his imaginative artworks from nature, which shows in both the subjects he chooses and the materials with which he constructs his sculptures. He started creating these African art decorative driftwood sculptures  several years ago, using his extensive collection of found driftwood sourced from dry river beds, dams and farms in his area.  Please contact us for more information as well as requests for commissions by the artist.

Size: 110cm in height

Material: Silky Oak Roots
Wooden Sculptured Handcrafted Bowls available at: Phases Africa

Phases Africa is pleased to welcome an award winning wood sculptor to our team of creative artists.  The artist states that his chisel is purely the driving force, allowing the wood to direct him to each uniquely shaped sculpted pieces’ intended purpose and outcome.

Red Ivory

Order No: 1336

Size: 250 W x 200 H mm  

Kids Seating available at: Phases Africa

This handmade wool ottoman/pouf from South Africa is made to order.  The box is constructed using wood and sponge; in order to cut down on shipping cost the cover can be purchased separately.  The wool cover is first knitted and then each handmade pompom is individually attached. The cover is then pulled over the box and fastened to the underside of the pouf.

Materials: 100% pure soft wool, hand spun and dyed in an array of beautiful, vibrant and explosive colours, brought to us from a team of dedicated spinners

Size: 390mm x 390mm x 410mm height.

Kids Room Decor Handmade Animals available at Phases Africa ©

Uniquely talented Zimbabwean artists sculpted these wire and beaded animal forms using street wire, and traditional beads, undeniably they have mastered the craft of African Wire Art.

Order Code: Wire Art Zebra


Height back: 53cm

Womb Area: 55cm        

Height front: 77cm

Length: 83cm

Kids' │ Children's Room Rugs available at Phases Africa ©

These hand weaved original area rugs were made in pure magical Africa traditional storytelling. These Master South African Weavers use a cotton-rich textile blend to create fun and colorful interpretation of urban and rural life on the continent of Africa, often depicting their daily lives.  Therefore, they would be a splendid decorative addition to any kid’s room whatever age.

contact us for prices as well as larger images for ultimate viewing.

Size: 137 x 242 cm

Order Code: Rug: KC 00-4 

Bamileke Stools available at: Phases Africa ©

This African style decorative stool was literally and figuratively ‘made for a King’ as he sits on it during ceremonial rituals in Cameroon honoring the earth spider. According to legend, the earth spider plays a vital part in solving problems. As the earth spider is an essential link between the present and ancestral underground world.

The “X” shape rosettes of a six or eight star pattern carved into the Bamileke stools indicates a spiders' shape.  It also suggests the common denominator shared by both spider and King of divine knowledge.

Material: Mansonia Wood (Mansonia altissima.)  

Available Sizes: 30 Diam, 40 Diam, 50 Diam, 55 Diam, 60 Diam and between 70 -80 Diam

The order code: BBC 100