12 African Home Decor Ideas

© Wood-turnings as coffee and side tables

1. Wood turned coffee tables and side tables made from sustainably sourced South African timbers.  As seen pictured here in this stunning living room.  The owner had 3 white turned side tables made in two different diameters and heights and used that to center in the room as a coffee table.  Then she opted on two more wood turnings had them spray painted in a dark blue and they where placed on opposite ends of the couches as side tables. 

Living Room African Decor Ideas © Phases Africa Furniture & Decor

2. Genuine Ostrich Skin Wingback chairs and scatter cushions available in a large variety of colours. 

Phases Africa Wooden Side Tables for Neuehouse Hollywood Source Wallpaper Magazine

3.  More Wood Turned Side tables:  Order Codes: From Left to Right: Drum, Zig-Zag, V-Shape, Goblet, Bobbin. The last image in this set is the wave design. We require a minimum purchase of 2 stools per order in any combination of our designs. Please note natural cracks and separations will appear and is part of the organic appeal. We also recommend not placing the turnings directly on rugs, due to possible remaining moisture content in the wood.

© African Furniture Dining Room Table and Ostrich Skin Pouf

4.  Yellow Jarrah Wood Dining Room Table, with matching benches (also created from recycled rail wood sleepers).  The table can also be manufactured in: Panga Panga Wood (almost black), African Teak (brown hue), and Rhodesian Teak (Red hue), all these timbers, are recycled rail wood sleepers.  The stand alone genuine Ostrich Skin and Leather Ottoman in burnt orange are also available in a variety of ostrich skin colours.  It's a perfect height for that extra dinner guest, to add, as a head of the table seat.

© Rawhide Standing Lamp 2 Meters Tall

 5.   Rawhide standing lamp: with wood frame:  All handmade and no two lamps are identical. 
Available in 3 Sizes: approx 1.8Meters tall 40x40cm at the widest point, also comes in 2 Meters and 
2.4 Meters tall and approx 50 x 50cm at widest point.

6.    Ceramic Chandeliers - All made by hand.  These stunning ivory coloured ceramic chandelier can be hung in a cluster although they are equally spectacualar individually. We added a couple of images below.  The first is courtesy of: Mosi oa Tunya in Zambia the brand new Radisson Blu Hotel.

                   Unique Lighting - Handmade Ceramic Beaded Chandelier by Phases Africa

                                        African Chandeliers - Handmade Clay Beads
African Decor Ideas│All Handmade Cowhide Rugs

         7.  Hand stitched cowhide rugs are constructed using a variety of hair-on-hide sized tiles, that were first cut by hand, and then stitched together to form a single cowhide rug (see image with tile sizes).
The cowhides are hand selected, top-of-the-line hair-on hide skins, stitched together with virtually unbreakable waxed-cotton thread with a polyester core.  Sustainable materials were used for the backings of the cowhide rugs, made from a 100% recycled rubber, thus ensuring these rugs are sound-absorbing, non-slip and comfortable as well as, uniquely beautiful.

African Bamileke Beds Make Ideal Coffee Tables 

1       8. Hand-carved Bamileke beds are used as coffee tables in living rooms, waiting rooms and as seen here commercial spaces.

African Style Armoire, Cabinet, Dresser

           9.     African Style Armoire, Cabinet, Dresser– all done by hand, the front of the Armoire is a Dogon door all hand-carved.  Attached to a custom made dresser using Panga Panga rail wood timber.  

100% Karakul Wool Rugs Hand-weaved in South Africa with African motifs

1       10.   Quality and 100% plush wool handmade area rugs:  adds warmth and texture to any room in your home or office. The wool is bound by a very long fiber and is spun and woven to ensure a rug that will last a lifetime. A natural coating of lanolin makes these rugs extremely durable.  Each rug is handwoven and seized to suits our customers’ needs, up to a maximum of 4m x 6m. 

Recycled Ceiling Lighting Fixture Phases Africa Furniture & Decor

1       11.   Recycled Tumbled Glass chandeliers.  The artist uses all recycled materials: driftwood, cow-bone, shells and other objects that he gathers from fields and beaches. Most of his work are commissions for 5 star hotels, as well as, some architectural award winning homes. 
© African Home Decor Ideas

     12.       Kuba Cloth, Rawhide Floor Lamp.  "Ocotea bullata" Stinkwood "Riempies" bench with African Senufo hand-carved side table.