High-End African Furnitue & Decor

In the year 2000 and 2001, my journey as a talent scout in Africa began against the backdrop of Florence, Italy—a city that held the echoes of the Renaissance. Inspired by the cultural and artistic resurgence in Europe, I found myself wondering if a similar revival could take root in my native South Africa.

The catalyst came in August 2001 when a friend from Los Angeles, who owned a thriving home furnishing store, entrusted me with a unique mission. Despite lacking any prior experience in the field, fueled by an adventurous spirit, I packed my bags and set off on a quest to discover a fresh style for her shop.

South Africa welcomed me with open arms, and amidst its diverse cultures, I felt a profound connection with the people of the "rainbow nation." As I traversed the country, it became evident that I had stumbled upon a treasure trove of untapped creative potential—a chance to contribute to Africa's growth.

High-end African Furniture & Decor
SCULPTED Wood Side Cabinet - Dark

And so, in 2001, Phases Africa was born—a humble beginning to what would become a significant endeavor. Over the years, I closely observed and supported the evolution of what Thabo Mbeki coined as the "African Renaissance."

My product sourcing extended across the African continent, reaching even the remote corners like Timbuktu. Here, I collaborated with the Tuareg people, nomads of the desert, who masterfully crafted goat skin leather using ancient techniques.

High-end African Furniture & Decor
Contemporary Wood Dinging Chair - also availale with an armrest

The journey didn't stop there. Renowned South African safari lodges and hotels, celebrated for their commitment to using exclusively African products, became my canvas. Year after year, these establishments earned top spots on prestigious publications' lists of the world's best hotels. I engaged directly with the artisans responsible for the interiors, bringing their exceptional craftsmanship to a wider audience.

In essence, my venture with Phases Africa became more than a business—it became a narrative woven into the fabric of Africa's cultural resurgence. A journey that started with a simple mission in 2001 has grown into a celebration of Africa's creative spirit, one piece of furniture at a time.

High-end African Furniture & Decor
Wood & Woven Dining Chairs

High-end African Furntiure & Decor
Aluminium Stool - Gold - Indoors or Outdoors

High-end African Furniture & DecorWood & Leather Uphostered Chair

Hight-end African Furntiure & Decor
African Hand-carve Senufo Bed.

High-End African Furniture & Decor
Natual Nupi Table 150Dia x 70W x 45H cm

Hight-End African Furnitue & Decor
African Yoruba Chairs Hand-beaded

High-End African Furntiure & Decor
3 Old African Stomper Pots - Tanzaniz - Natural Wood Finish